Improve Brand Acceptability By Using Public Surveys

When you switch on the TV or open a newspaper, you will soon notice all kinds of questionnaire surveys for companies, brand planning or sponsorship. A survey is a promotional strategy commonly used by PR personnel, and it relies on soft access points and data-supported content to attract public concern and discussion, and in this way introduce or promote brands or products.


The most commonly used survey form is a questionnaire. In our daily lives we will receive phone calls from different organizations, which hope we will spend a few minutes answering the questionnaire. The PR personnel will assist market research companies to compile a survey scope and the questionnaire content, and more interviewees will mean higher levels of acceptability and insight. For instance, mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular, and many people prefer to watch dramas when travelling in vehicles or commuting. Some telecommunication carriers once asked individuals how long they were willing to wait to download a movie. The survey result showed about half of the responders can only accept 10 seconds of waiting time, the telecommunication carrier thus inferred the importance of speed and stability of mobile Internet access, and consequently focused the features of its company products. Thus by understanding the individuals’ needs better, it utilized the survey data to accomplish its promotional purpose.


In addition, some companies will sponsor non-profit organizations to conduct surveys related to people's livelihood. For instance, medical instrument companies will cooperate with rehabilitation organizations to conduct surveys on the public's awareness of diseases. Surveys of this type can effectively arouse public concern for health, advocate timely treatment and inspection and at the same time it also will help the company to grasp current social attitudes. The company which plan or sponsor the survey will publish constructive suggestions on the survey results, deliver positive information, and benefit the public in the process. Meanwhile it can receive enhanced standing in this particular field, consolidate its status as an opinion leader in the industry, meaning there is ultimately mutual benefit.


In addition to questionnaire surveys, to obtain deeper and constructive opinions on products and services, a company may take advantage of focus groups, where through team interview and discussion, it is possible to obtain in-depth views and evaluations. The PR personnel will formulate the demographics of team members based on the views required; for instance focusing on female team members for women's articles, and focusing on parents or would-be parents for children articles. Team members can hold discussions on subjects such as product appearance, usage, and price, so as to enable the company to gain better understanding on social trends and public information habits, and enable its design to better cater to market needs.


In summary, different types of surveys have different effects. The PR personnel need to bring out creativity, design interesting and company-related survey questions, and set up more news-related access points, so that it can in this way publicize the company or products in an easy-going manner, and improve public awareness of the brand.

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