What Fashion Weeks Tell Us About Brands Identity

Every year, the major fashion weeks are the focus of media and fashion fanatics. Yet from the perspective of brands, some receive extensive coverage on a two-page spread, while others get barely a word of mention. This happens as the media naturally hope to report what they think is the most interesting in the limited page space to attract readers attention.


PR and marketing campaigns have been one of the most important channels for brands to distribute information to the public. However, with times changing, these campaigns also have evolved from mere promotion of new products to today's brand story-telling and brand image building, aiming to capture consumers’ hearts. This can be seen at Paris Fashion Week with the collaboration between the French Fashion Federation, designers and PR community. As a result of this approach the show has evolved from what started out years ago as a "small fashion clothing presentation" into a fabulous integrated show with a mix of entertainment, drama, lighting, installations and music. Apart from displaying the latest design collections, it also publicizes brand image and attitude to reinforce consumer sentiments towards the different brands.


With the development of technology, consumers tend to expect more. They demonstrate an unsatisfied appetite and precocious taste. For them, a common fashion show is no longer to meet material needs, but an occasion to blow the sensations. Today, consumption is driven by psychology. What we purchase is brand value, and what we care about are brand attitude and brand image.


For instance, Louis Vuitton in recent years has left us a refreshing impression at fashion shows, with themes and settings such as escalators, fountains, and a steam train. The brand ceaselessly displayed its passion for creation and the fantastic. Louis Vuitton with an all-black spring/summer 2014 collection at the Paris Fashion Week surprises with its diversity. Through the low-key and mysterious color black, we are offered the chance to see another side of the brand's usual extravagance and its rejuvenating brand attitude.


One of the key objectives of PR and marketing campaigns is to establish brand image, and to display the brand's individuality to the public within a short period. And, if possible, to achieve the ultimate goal of sales.




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