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FOREO to launch LUNA™ go in Hong Kong - Media Gathering

Date: 27 September, 2016


Instinctif Partners organised a media gathering event for FOREO, a Swedish beauty innovation brand- “FOREO to launch LUNA™ go in Hong”. The event attracted media to attend and try out various FOREO products, and to emerse in the innovative beauty journey of FOREO.


Through conducting thorough research and gathering a group of world-class experts, FOREO breaks traditional beauty concepts with innovative modern technologies, providing specialised beauty and health solutions. During the media gathering, FOREO announced the launch of the brand new product - LUNA™ go. With its extra portable size of a cotton pad, the special design allows you to enjoy its cleansing and anti-aging function.


It was the first collaboration between Instincitf Partners and FOREO. Through this media event, the brand was widely promoted in Hong Kong with enhanced brand awareness, and introducing innovative beauty information to consumers in Hong Kong.




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