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Leading global aesthetic medical device company Syneron Candela held the APAC Partners Meeting in South Korea Jeju Island

Date: January, 2017

Instinctif Partners has coordinated the Driving for success 2016 - APAC Partners Meeting for the leading global aesthetic medical device company, Syneron Candela. The event was hosted in South Korea Jeju Island, with over 60 partners coming from different part of the world joined the event. During the event, representatives from the headquarter of Syneron Candela were invited to hold a series of seminars for the participants to enhance their awareness of the Syneron Candela brand and to gain a deeper understanding of the selling points and the effectiveness of each product.


The leading global aesthetic medical device company, Syneron Candela, hold the APAC Partner meeting annually. Last year, Instinctif Partners was appointed to coordinate this annual event in South Korea Jeju Island and received over 60 partners from all over the world joined the event. In addition to the series of partner meeting covering different topic in aesthetic medical industry, we have arranged experience tour to encourage interaction among the partners, including a visit to the famous Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and a Korean Tea Ceremony in a local tea house. The welcome dinner was specially arranged at The Seaes Hotel & Resort, which is the shooting place of the popular Korean drama series “Secret Garden”. The participants enjoyed the great scenery in the setting sun with a variety of wines. During the sunset cocktail, we have prepared the traditional Samulnori dance performance, the participants liked the show a lot and even started dancing under the instruction of the performer. In the welcome dinner, authentic Korean barbeque was prepared for the participants in the freezing winter. During the meal, the Gukak performance and the table prize has capped the evening. In the second day, after the partner forum in the morning, we arrived at the finale of the trip -  the Partner Recognition Banquet. Before the prize giving ceremony, we arranged the Dance Nanta performance for everyone to warm up. The representatives of Syneron Candela together with several partners has come to the stage to learn the drum music and lead the audience to play the rhythm of “We will rock you” and pushed the event to the climax. To recognize the achievement of the partners in the last year, Syneron Candela has set 10 annual awards to appreciate their outstanding sales performance.


Instinctif Partners has organized meetings and seminars covering different topics in the aesthetic medical industry with a variety of performances and experience tour during the 2-day event. Driving for success -  APAC Partners Meeting 2016 has given a memorable experience to every participated partner and they look forward to join again in the coming year.



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