The Most Important Thing is None Other Than Creativity

In today's age of information overload, all organizations and brands struggle to distinguish themselves, seeking to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of their target audience. Nevertheless, on many occasions when it comes to serious or complicated topics, it becomes all the more difficult to attract public attention.


The progress of media makes it possible to access the target audience through a range of different channels. In addition to traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, we can convey information to the target audience through online social networking platform, or use the influence of opinion leaders leveraging the star effect. As a matter of fact, when designing PR projects, the most important thing is ensuring a degree of creativity, which can then both trigger resonance and create repercussion. So long as one can come up with an idea with enough explosive power, it will be all-conquering through all the media channels, and even the usage of traditional media can be used to full effect.


Recently, a not for profit organization attracted the attention of global media with a unique idea. It organized and invited professional chefs to stage a gourmet show on the streets of Uruguay, the hottest country worldwide. Their concept was to draw a simple sketch of a stove on the ground, and using specialized cooking utensils to cook a number of fine dishes by relying solely on the accumulated heat on the asphalt road, which invited guests could then taste on the spot.


Through a light-hearted approach, the activity expressed the serious theme of global warming. As it turned out, it received extensive coverage by media worldwide, and video footage of this activity has also been distributed through social networking media. It quickly spread to different countries at lightning speed, and deepened the public's recognition and concern on the subject of global warming.


Although there is no fixed rule for a successful PR strategy, creative ideas and approaches will always catch the eye of the public, combined with use of different media to spread the news. It is possible to turn the ugly into the beautiful, and create a piece of hot news out on serious subjects to gain enough public attention.



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